Nik先生Blog 日本のお祭りが好きなワケ

Why do I love Japanese festivals? 

Growing up in New Zealand, I had a great time. Playing rugby, hanging out with my friends, and watching movies, were always great ways to pass the time. What I didn’t realize I was missing out on until I came to Japan was the festivals. 

hang out with my friends 友達と遊ぶ

miss out on 経験をしそこなう、チャンスを逃す

From quiet surreal festivals like Kaze no bon in Yatsuo, Toyama, to fiery intense chaotic festivals like Abare festival in Ushitsu, Ishikawa, to the collision of 2 storey lantern covered floats in the streets of Fushiki, Toyama, Japan has festivals for anybody and everybody. 


surreal 現実離れした

fiery 火が出るような、激しい

collision ぶつかること

2 storey lantern covered floats 二階建ての、提灯だらけの山車


These festivals bring the community together and breath life into the usually quiet streets. This life and excitement is something that I saw very rarely in New Zealand and is one of the many reasons I love living in Japan.